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Het MacFreak – Forum – Macbook start op met vraagteken (pagina 2)

10 de fevereiro de 2017

Geek Squad – 24/7 Assistance – 1 Year Really unsatisfying 1 Published by: thedevil from: on $200 for a “we can’t guarantee” we’ll repair it- sux. Whenever they need to send it out- whichever meaning- macright.org after 15 nights “to repair it” will cost some value they cannot calculate, that is not service in any way from Geek Squad. They might do the most easy factor for $ 200, but I already did most of that myself. 0 from 0 located this review helpful. Pc works great! 5 Posted by: Marie from: on After my next period with the Geek Squad (this 1 remotely), my pc currently functions thus much better and quicker. No-more “white displays”. Not sure why this is not more highly rated. 0 out of 0 found this review helpful. The old Geek Group safety was greater 2 Posted by: Debi from: on I’ve had Geek Group defense for several years – the last one before I repurchased it ended in September and was I’d.

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After I ordered my horsepower Jealousy 2 in 1 in November, the Geek Squad safety was immediately taken by me. It is regretted by me. Currently, it just handles one computer for your SAME amount as the prior yearis 3 computers. This week I had to consider my partner’s Toshiba notebook in to be fixed, plus it was a problem. They had it for almost a week before I was termed, and then they mentioned the coverage as opposed to the issue together with the pc. Upon that I would pay one-price it was agreed, then we were alerted to select on the computer up less than an hour later. After I picked it they explained they’d done nothing to it, and that I needed to get protection first. I recently had a need to realize whether or even the computer could be repaired. I’m going for a Rectangular Business anticipate it, easily do get the laptop restored.

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It simply looks that Bestbuy is barely concerned with giving company to computers that are FRESH as it was hard to find rates on only purchasing a program. 23 from 26 located this review helpful. Very Dissatisfied 1 Published by: BulletinNewspapers on do you want to generate a consultation to spend income in the Geek Group Table if you have NOBODY behind you inline from? Very customer service that is poor. I got my business across the street to Staples TO GO AWAY a laptop to get a ram update. I purchased everything from Bestbuy. Our company will not do that in the years ahead. Large store, Attleboro 27 out of 37 found this review helpful.